I offer two training options.  Click on the options below for more info.  


Custom Race Training Plans

Personal Monthly Coaching

“My mind is captain. My body is simply the vessel that allows me the experiences that define me. This ship was not made for the harbour. And neither is yours.” – Coach K

Option 1: Custom Training Plans


This option is ideal for:

  • Self-motivated athletes
  • Experienced athletes who don’t require a lot of oversight
  • Anyone on a tighter budget
  • Those not ready to make the commitment to a monthly coach

All training plans are written specifically for you as an individual based on an emailed athlete questionnaire and subsequent phone consult to go over the questionnaire.  Each plan includes a 30 minute phone consult and an online Training Peaks account where the plan will be written and accessed via smart phone app or computer.  Plans can be based on pace, time on feet or target heart rate depending on preference, type of race and goals.  After an emailed athlete questionnaire and waiver are filled out and returned, a phone consult will be set up to go over your questionnaire as well as answer any questions you may have for me.  The plan will then be written out for you and loaded into Training Peaks within one week of our phone call.  These plans are written out with a daily breakdown of types of runs (tempo, speed work, long runs, etc) as well as pace (if applicable).

Please note that these training plans do not include ongoing coaching and are priced as one time payments accordingly.  I love to provide ongoing monthly coaching and that option is described below in the Personal Monthly Coaching section.

8 week plan (5k-10k or looking for better running shape): $110

12 week plan (recommended for 13.1 training and experienced runners with a good base): $130

16 week plan (beginners at most distances or intermediate runners with a time goal): $150

20 week plan (most recommended to allow for most complete training): $170

24 week plan (longer distance races and ideal program length for one complete macro cycle of training): $185 (BEST VALUE)

*You can contact me via email if you are not sure which plan you need to get you from point A to point B.

Custom Training Plan Options

Option 2: Personal Monthly Coaching $140/month

I coach first-time runners to elites.

This option is ideal for:

  • Athletes who need a little ongoing nudge and encouragement to stay motivated
  • First time athletes in a specific discipline
  • Athletes with specific time constraints
  • Injury prone athletes
  • Anyone interested in the fastest and most efficient way to their goals
  • Let’s be honest, EVERYONE can benefit from monthly coaching!

Monthly interactive coaching can be helpful whether you have a specific race you are training for or just simply want to maintain a solid fitness and endurance base.

With Personal Monthly Coaching, you get:

  • Past training review

  • Premium Training Peaks account (online training management software)

  • Individual training sent to your Training Peaks account in 1-2 week blocks

  • Race planning

  • Annual Training Plan setup and goal setting

  • Local race support if possible

  • Unlimited email/text/phone support

  • Plan adjustments based on training feedback

*minimum 3 month commitment

Personal Monthly Coaching


All payments are made via PayPal.

If you have questions or would like to contact me about my coaching services, email me by clicking HERE