Coach Kenzie



I believe that no extraordinary person exists that wasn’t first ordinary.  That’s what extraordinary means: someone ordinary did something “extra” and boom – amazingness!  I am as ordinary as they get.  If you follow me on social media or my blog, you’ll learn that I’m not a naturally gifted runner.  I have worked my stumpy 2″ femurs off to get where I’m at.  This blog isn’t another one of those “Oh I just decided to run a marathon one day and – what do you know, I qualified for Boston!” blogs.  Those are good blogs.  I follow them but I just have a hard time relating because God didn’t bestow me with that runner’s gift.  What I did get was an adventurous spirit. I got a taste of what it feels like to smash through my own mental barriers when I crossed my first finish line.  I wanted more.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve gone from baby gestator to 100 miler and half Ironman finisher.  Why?  Because there are those few delicious moments in my life when I literally run out of that dark abyss of physical pain and mental barriers and come out on the other side to relish in my winning that battle. It is in those moments that I know life is tough but I am tougher. If I can conquer this, I will conquer the next.  I can and will do hard things.

I have heard comments like “I can’t even fathom running that far.” I couldn’t have myself 8 years ago. I remember having a goal to simply run on a treadmill without walking for 30 minutes. I remember the first time I ran 4 miles without stopping and couldn’t believe how far that felt. I remember signing up for my first 13.1 and being scared to death about how bad it was going to hurt. I remember crossing the finish line of my first full marathon and feeling like I was a strong woman. Here is what I have said: If you can train and complete a 10k, you can finish a 13.1. If you can complete a half marathon, you can complete a full. If you can complete a full, you can complete an ultra.  I simply stick to a plan to build my base, take a leap of faith and watched the training work its magic. Here is my point: we often see what other people are doing and immediately assume that there is NO WAY we would ever be able to do that. Not true. It takes someone ordinary believing in themselves then simply acting upon it in order to make them “extra” ordinary. If they weren’t ordinary to start with, they couldn’t have become “extra”ordinary. If you build the machine, it will perform beyond any limit your mind has put on it. That is, if you decide it is possible for yourself. TRUST ME, if I can do it, you CAN do it. You don’t have to run an ultra marathon, you just choose your impossible and persist until you’ve conquered it. Then you can look around you and say with excitement “what does life have in store for me now”.

I am hoping that for those of you that say “I’d never be able to do that”, whatever “that” may be, my own journey will provide a little insight into helping you discover what is possible for yourself.  Let’s empower each other to discover how extraordinary we really are.

Grand Canyon Rim to Rim

“Everything is possible.  The impossible just takes longer.” – Dan Brown