Product Review: Puma Pulse XT training shoes

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Most of you that follow my training blog know how much I advocate weight training in endurance training. I have spent the last 5 years inside the gym working on my strength, agility and power so that I can see increased benefits in my running. When I was asked to review a new shoe by Puma as a training shoe, I felt like I was the perfect gal for the job. I know my shoes. A lot of people make the mistake of using their running shoes as their gym shoes because they are comfortable. Running shoes were not designed with the fit or materials ideal to withstand the weight and motions used in cross/weight training. Lifting weights and doing things like box jumps will wear your running shoes out faster and potentially cause you undo pain or injury due to wear and tear in the wrong places. It is best to find yourself a good trainer shoe for your gym time and save your running shoes for what they were designed for.

Enter the new Puma Pulse XT. They were designed for both indoor and outdoor use (which is perfect for my training as I often add 400 meter sprints into my rounds of weights and cardio). The first workout is used them in included rounds of kettlebell swings, box jumps, dumbbell press jacks and 400 meter sprints.

The first thing I noticed was how lightweight they were for jumping. They also have a responsive footbed that supports both my heels and the pads of my feet as I landed my box jumps. I tend to get sweaty feet (hi, I’m gross) so the breathable mesh on the upper was welcome.

I thought it wise to encompass all types of workouts for a nice well rounded opinion so I slowed things down the next day and worked on some strength, coordination and endurance with one of my favorite heavy lifting workouts: Turkish Getups. If you don’t know what these are, you must Google them! I headed into the gym in my new Puma ensemble which included their latest line of workout clothing: the Watch Me Leave Tee. I’ll be honest, when I pulled it out of the package, the first thing I noticed was its short mid-drift cut and wondered if I’d even dare wear it to the gym. Aside from the short cut (which will be a huge plus for many and a huge deterrent for others), I DID love the scoop back (not pictured) and the material. It’s ribbed but with an elastic dryCELL material which allowed it to hang just right and good breathability. So on with the Turkish Getups:

The goal is to lift as heavy a dumbbell as possible, starting on your back and slowing lifting your body to a kneeling position and ultimately standing up, all while keeping the dumbbell positioned directly above you. This is not meant to be a fast movement. On the contrary, it takes slow, precise coordination and strength while having the endurance to keep it overhead through the full movement. The Pulse XT shoes have a great grippy rubber (as you can see pictured above) to help you keep firmly planted when you have weights in your hand (I’d say that’s pretty important when you have a weight directly above your face haha).

I PR’d my Turkish Getups at 50#! Hard work paying off or lucky magic new shoes? I’ll go with hard work but having the right shoes for the job is always a plus.

If you are interested in trying out the Pulse XT trainers or new apparel line for yourself, check them out at:

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