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An ultrarunning friend of mine from Canada had contacted me a few months ago and suggested that I test out a brand of compression socks and sleeves that he had been using.  They are based out of Europe and not as well known as some of the more popular brands in the US like CEP and Zensah.  I’m never one to just jump on a product bandwagon because they are willing to give me a few pairs to try out for free.  If I like it, I will rave about it.  If I don’t, I will post what I do like about it and what I would have preferred to see in the product.  There is a lot of debate about the effectiveness of compression in general and this post is not meant to address that.  I am a fan and believer of compression based off of my own experiences with it and thus this post will talk about what I like about ZeroPoint Compression’s product.DCIM102GOPROI have been product testing both the compression socks and compression sleeves for a few months now.  I have chosen to run all of my ultramarathons this year in the sleeves so you could say that they are been well tested.  I will just say right out of the gate that I fell in love with the sleeves initially because of the color.  Hey, I may have the mantraps to fool you but I am indeed a girl.  And a girl with a love for flashy colors at that.  But you can get flashy colored compression wear just about anywhere these days.  Nevertheless, hot pink calve sleeves are always a precursor to a party on the trails.  See?IMG_7453As opposed to CEP sleeves that have a ribbed texture to them, ZeroPoint’s design is such that you can see the different compression zones on the sleeves based off of the knitting design.  That’s pretty nifty.

I only paint the toes that have toenails, okay? #runnerproblems
I only paint the toes that have toenails, okay? #runnerproblems


Once they are put on, I can immediately feel the graduated compression from the bottom of the sleeve near my ankle, gradually decreasing in pressure upwards toward the top of the sleeve.  As a side note, they make a compression ankle sock (I have yet to try) that can be paired with the sleeves for a more custom-fit compression to the individual’s foot and calf size, as opposed to a full length compression sock.

As mentioned before, I have used the calf sleeves on all of my ultramarathons this year.  I feel that they aid in blood flow, decreasing the overall fatigue feeling that I tend to get on the longer distance races.  Once the race is over, I put on the actual full compression socks for my recovery.  The first time I put on the socks, I could immediately feel the different areas of compression on my foot.  Once you try a pair, you’ll know what I mean.  I feel a tighter compression on the arch of my foot and achilles area, while the balls of my ankles are left with less compression.

Notice the different compression zones you can see.
Notice the different compression zones you can see.
They even put a “R” and “L” for those of us particularly right and left challenged. Bonus. 🙂

I have not worn the full socks during a lot of my trail runs simple for the reason that the pair I was testing was slightly big on my foot – meaning there was a little too much fabric at the end of my toes.  This is never a problem for my weight training or recovery days so I reserve the full socks for those days and use the sleeves for my runs.  I plan to get a pair of ankle socks to pair with my sleeves to remedy that issue.

Overall I have come to love ZeroPoint’s brand for use on running, weight training and recovery.  Although they aren’t as well known in the US market (just yet), they are definitely a cutting edge company with a keen eye for good looking compression without sacrificing functionality. Two thumbs up, especially since my only complaint with the full sock sizing can now be remedied with a pair of ankle socks.  Hot pink to match my sleeves please. 🙂

The finish line of Squaw Peak 50 miler.
The finish line of Squaw Peak 50 miler.

If you’d like to read more about the studies done on compression wear, you can click on this link.

You can visit their website at to read more about their products and order online.

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